Some of our most notable recent projects

Sul Ross State University and Borderlands Research Institute of Natural Resource Management development of multi-million dollar endowment campaign strategy and working with major oil and gas companies to fund west Texas conservation; Guest speaker at the 11th World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain; US-Based Expedition Manager for the African "In the Tracks of Giants" expedition with The WILD Foundation and National Geographic GeoStories; US-based anti-poaching and community development fundraiser for 9-million acres in Tanzania.

Rock Environmental Infographic


“Thank you for your hard work and personal commitment to our world!  That same passion fires me as well, and for the last decade I have spent building relationships with conservation focused nonprofits, corporations, and donors.  My specialty is working with organizations that need a strategic boost to get them to the next level.  I also take on private clients who need guidance to develop their philanthropic legacy through creating grant-making foundations, family trusts, 501(c)3s, and bequests.” – Britt A. Longoria, MPS, LEED AP


Recent Nonprofit Clients:

Alianca International – Brazil

Sul Ross State University’s Borderlands Research Institute of Natural Resource Management – Texas, USA 

11th World Wilderness Congress – Salamanca, Spain

Tracks of Giants Expedition with National Geographic GeoStories – Southern Africa

The WILD Foundation – Colorado, USA

Friedkin Conservation Fund – Tanzania

Trinity Oaks Enterprises – Texas, USA

Wild Horizons Wildlife Trust – Zimbabwe

Banovich Wildscapes Foundation – Montana, USA